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Construction or Repair of Overheard Utility Lines

Whether you're building a new home, camp, garage, or setting up a new business venture - we will ensure that you get the power that you need. ​ Contact us for a free site evaluation and quotation!

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Underground Utilities Construction & Installation

When you’re looking for top quality work, we are here to help. Our team of professionals are available to provide a wide range of customizable options. Do you have your trench and conduit already run? Great! We can come and install the wire you need. Do you need the trench dug and conduit installed? No problem! We can help you from start to finish.

Offroad Pole Handling

Does your project require off road handling of poles or structures? No problem, we have just the tool to handle this job with ease.  ​ ​

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Setting Or Pulling Utility Poles 

Most people know utility poles as being used for power or communication lines.  We know other's may think further outside the box.   ​ Do you want a new pole barn? How about a post and pylon base for your camp?  Avid hunter and need a game station?  ​ If you can think it, most likely we can do it! Call today. ​

Solar Utilities 

Starting a new solar project? We can help!  H&M has worked with many contractors to complete their solar project on time, and on budget.  ​ We have traveled anywhere from Easton, to Sidney, and even down to Trenton. 

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Miscellaneous Construction - Setting Trusses

Here at H&M Line LLC we not only enjoy working with utiltites, we also love construction projects.  We have multiple trucks with 55' reach and 2000lb jib boom tip capacities.  We can have your trusses, beams, hot tubs, gun safes, and other heavy items installed in no time.  

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